The History of Whoo

Hwanyu Signature Ampoule Set 40ml

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What Is It:

Extravagant? Maybe. Opulent? Absolutely. The History of Whoo Hwanyu Signature Ampoule is a lesson in unparalleled elegance and efficacy.
Rarefied herbs, nutritionally dense ferments, and premium botanicals are blended with the utmost care and consideration to bring you the most cosmetically elegant, skin beneficial, premium luxury facial ampoule available in The History of Whoo’s illustrious family of products.
Much like a fine wine or whiskey, aged Ginseng carries a much stronger potency. The History of Whoo Hwanyu Signature Ampoule utilizes ginseng aged to an incredible 30 years. This results in a robust mixture with maximum efficacy. The supercharged antioxidants found within this expertly aged blend work to instantly strengthen, revive, repair, and protect the skin lucky enough to experience it.
The History of Whoo Hwanyu Signature Ampoule contains three different ferments at varying molecular sizes to ensure deep penetration into the skin, delivering micronutrients on a cellular level. Your skin will experience an incandescent royal glow thanks to the lactobacillus, root, and grain-based Saccharomyces. Fueling even more skin repair and fortification is Saussurea involucrata, an exceedingly rare precious herb that has the uncanny ability to survive at over 21,000 feet above sea level in the Himalayan mountains. This herb is absolutely brimming with antioxidants, flavonoids, and fatty acids. The History of Whoo spares no expense to bring you a supercharged dose of this potent natural wonder. This full bodied ampoule contains over 70 of the rarest, most precious herbs and botanicals treating your skin to unparalleled excellence and care befitting royalty.

The luscious melange found within this ampoule is an absolute masterpiece of skincare and a sumptuous premium experience. Treat yourself to the ultimate in luxury, treat yourself to The History of Whoo Hwanyu Signature Ampoule.

Our insight:

According to The History of Whoo, continuous use of Hwanyu products will assist to restore the overall health and well-being of your skin, which in turn will help prevent skin troubles and premature aging in the future.

How to use:

Apply on face, patting gently for better absorption.