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JAMEELA is derived from the Arabic Name “Beautiful”, with Jameela mall the Korean world collide with the new trends of beauty and luxury products to open the door and capture the Arab world, from a precious ingredients and a products that feel you refreshed and gently embrace your whole and mind.





Jadk Trading & Contracting is Qatari owned and Korean Operated company, JADK are proud to be a part of the Al-Sraiya Group and Al Moutadi Group in Qatar, that has a wide range of professional service and products in the construction industry in Qatar and Korea, JADK is a partnered of DK LIFE a Korean company based for beauty and health products, JADK collide with Arab world to extend the magical world of DK life through Jameela Mall and JADK. JADK value relationships with the people we serve- our clients, contractors, suppliers and associates.


DK LIFE is Korean company that offers the best and valuable beauty and health products that originates in Korea, our vision is to share the magic world of beauty around the world, DK life under the same management of Dae Kyung with the more than 30 years in construction industry are using an innovative cutting edge technologies enables cohesive project management to remain and to be well known in Korea, a project management that increases in efficiency and improves communication between customer and DK LIFE,  



Dae kyung the Mother Company,  with a more than 30 years of experience are committed to growing and developing business to substantially increase our presence in the global market with responsible manner to provide respectable professionals engineering and construction work. This year 2020, Dae Kyung created a group of companies to achieve and share our vision around the world, with Jameela mall, JADK Trading & Contracting and Dk Life.